Here Are 10 Signs that Indicate You Experience Negative Energy and a Few Effective Methods to Get Rid of It!

Negative energy is actually a general term used to describe an unseen force that could make your life harder to live. Some countries call it the evil eye, medicine call it fatigue, modern psychology call it depression, etc.

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove the effects of negative energy, there is one thing for sure – you may experience a wave of negative emotions, experiences and thoughts every day.

Here Are 10 Signs that Indicate You Experience Negative Energy and a Few Effective Methods to Get Rid of It:
  • Being unable to concentrate because your mind focuses on random things while experiencing a feeling of emptiness.
  • Losing clothes, wallets, money, keys, etc. and having a difficult time to find them, although they are around you.
  • Negative emotions and thoughts usually surface whenever you are trying to relax. The bad news is the more you try to get rid of them, the more resistant they actually become.
  • You have nightmares and strange dreams, which means that your subconscious mind alerts you that something is wrong.
  • You cannot find time for yourself and you find difficult to care for yourself.
  • Others cannot understand you and you cannot understand others.
  • You are more susceptible to get infections than usual. Also, you are more likely to develop an illness than usual.
  •  You are not able to perform your daily tasks.
  • You get frustrated very easily and feel exhausted and tired regularly. You feel bad about yourself as well as experience ups and downs on a regular basis. Also, you may still feel exhausted even if you eat a balanced diet and get a restorative sleep.
  • If you get stagnation in your prosperity, it may indicate that the path to growth is blocked even if you are earning enough money.
How to Remove Negative Energy and Negativity from Your Life:
  • The first thing you should do is set the intention to get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Cast a protection, cleansing and purification spell.
  • Do a good house cleansing.
  • Carry crystals that have protective properties and ground negativity like tiger’s eye, black tourmaline, obsidian, or onyx. You should also cleanse them from time to time because they have storing capacities.
  • You should use the power of water due to its cleansing properties. Simply prepare a hot bath and add some Epsom salt and essential oils of herbs with healing and cleansing properties like peppermint, myrrh, sage, achillea, and eucalyptus. Make sure you dilute them before using. You should also not apply them directly on your skin. Then, soak your body and take deep breaths. This can help you get rid of negative energy.
  • Forgiving yourself and others also plays an important role in getting rid of your negative thoughts and emotions.