Hunza People Never Get Sick; Do Not Get Cancer and Live up to 120 Years

Throughout the history, we have heard all kinds of myths, but true stories as well, about people who lived healthy and happily for more than 100 years. Nowadays, these stories are still intriguing if we take into consideration that the average life expectancy in the U.S. is 81 years for women and 76 for men. What’s more, we continue hearing stories and myths about people who never get sick and we often wonder what the secret to a healthy and long life is.

Amazing Stories of Centenarians

On the internet, there are a lot of stories of people who lived 100 years and more. They shared their ‘wisdom’ with the rest of us with the aim to ‘teach’ us the secret to longevity.

One such example is Emma Morano from Italy who lived 116 years and claimed that the secret is to stay single. After divorcing at the age of 38, she spent the rest of her long life single. Interestingly, she managed to fight off anemia by eating two raw eggs every day.

Another example is Mushatt-Jones who tells that the secret of a long life is to eat fried bacon on a daily basis whereas another centenarian from California considers that eating one donut per day prolonged her life. Clarice Emley, a centenarian, was born and raised on a farm and she only ate what her family grew and caught. She is still physically active and works out on a daily basis with her friends.

The Story of the Hunzas

Hunza people are a population in the mountain terrain of Pakistan. The interesting thing about them is that every Hunza has at least a high school diploma and their literacy rate is higher than 95 percent.

They are a mixture of 4 ethnicities and they have 2 different regions. But, even though they are divided between regions, they are very welcoming and warm to each other, but other people as well.

When it comes to the average life expectancy, there are Hunzas who live up to 150 years of age! And, Hunza women can give birth at the age of 65. The Hunza people do not eat processed foods and one of their favorite fruits is apricot and they eat it on a daily basis. From sunrise to sunset, they work hard in the fields.

Tips on Leading a Healthy and Long Life, free of Disease

  • Develop a healthy mind from a young age and never stop reading or thinking actively; a strong brain is crucial for a healthy life
  • Regardless of whether you are single or not, you just need to maintain healthy and good relationships with those around you and to avoid the negative ones
  • Learn how to connect with yourself and find ways to understand your needs and wishes with the help of learning techniques and meditation
  • Never be afraid to express your feelings because suppressing them can be detrimental for the physical and mental health
  • Find adequate ways to cope with stress or try to avoid it as much as possible; you can retire in a peaceful area where you can reconnect with nature
  • Eat as much organic food as possible and stay away from processed products. Even better, grow your own food if possible
  • Physical activity is a must and although you may find it hard, you should keep up the muscles going at all times