If Your Hair is Falling Off, Your Nails are Broken and You Cannot Get Enough of Sleep, Here is What’s Wrong

These all problems are caused by the adrenal gland, the gland that produces stress hormones. But, they are also be caused by thyroid, a gland that produces important hormones. These all problems can be solved by the simple remedy.

This is very simple and easy remedy to make. You will need

  • to grind some Brazilian walnuts and
  • parsley leaves
  • and then add dried raisins, ground ginger and honey.





Eat 2 tablespoons of remedy 30 before your meals. All of these ingredients are full of vitamin B and iron, the vitamin that will balance your hormones and relieve the aforementioned symptoms.

You will have strong nails and hair and regulate your weight, but also helping you with insomnia and sleeping problems.





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