This is the dish my Grandma passed on to me and obviously is something which was utilized by Indian royal households to grow their hair, this dish of Do It Yourself hair oil to controls hair fall reduces dandruff, promotes much faster hair growth and lowers premature graying of hair.

This assists to permeates to the root of the hair roots, improves blood circulation, provides maximum nutrients and nourishment to the hair follicle thus promoting healthy, stronger, black and shiny hair.

Utilize this oil prior to washing your hair wash from 1 hour to entire night relying on your choice will stops thinning of hair, assists grow back hair on bald locations and makes the hair grow much faster naturally, and decrease gray hair.

Ingredients required for this oil are:

So i made this oil for 3 months and i have actually long hair, so components will be accordingly.

1000Ml Coconut oil
Two Hand full Curry leaves
30 Grams of Ratanjot (Alkanet)
250 grams of Amla
1 Table spoon of Fenugreek seeds
50 ML Mustard oil

Directions to follow :

Put a pan on flame
Add 1 litre coconut oil to the pan
Add Ratanjot and all the other ingredients to the pan, except the mustard oil
Let it cook for an hour on low flame
Remove the pan from the flame and let it cool for 1 hour
Then filter out the oil into a container
Take some oil in a small bowl for application
Now mix 1 part of mustard oil to 5 parts of this mixture and mix it well
Use a cotton ball and dip in the oil and apply it well on your scalp and hair
Massage your scalp for about 10 minutes
Leave it on for 1 hour to overnight
Wash it with your regular shampoo
Make sure you warm this oil whenever you want to apply and then mix it with mustard oil, as mentioned above


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