You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes In The Same Salad!

There are different types of food which require different digestive environments and thus, they should be eaten separately. According to Ayurveda, modern hygienists, and physiologists, there are certain types of foods, which when eaten together can cause some digestive issues. The bad food combination can trigger digestive un-ease, gas, bloating, stomach ache, nausea, fatigue, and problems with elimination.

Moreover, a long-term combination of incompatible foods may increase the risk of bad breath, dry skin, rashes, chronic inflammation, poor sleep, low energy, and chronic digestion issues. For instance, one of the most commonly mixed ingredients are tomatoes are salad. This salad mixture is delicious, but this combination doesn’t go together.

Each of the two vegetables has different digestion time and the lighter ingredient will end up passing in the intestine just as the first one is completely digested. Moreover, this combo may cause all of the above-mentioned issues.

Additionally, besides this combination, there are other ingredients which should never be mixed. In order to keep your digestive health you should avoid making the following mistakes:
Consuming Fruits after a Meal

After you finish a meal, avoid consuming fruits because fruits need a lot of time to be digested. Hence, this will result in wine in your stomach and trigger acid reflux and other digestive problems.
Macaroni and Cheese

Besides the fact that mac and cheese is a popular meal, it shouldn’t be consumed. This is because macaroni are rich in starch, which has a different digestion time than protein. Hence, this combo will result in fermentation and digestive problems.
Meat and Cheese

This is another combination which should be avoided because it is never a good idea to put too much protein in the same dish.
Noodles and Orange Juice

This is another no-no combination because the acid content required to digest the juice can destroy the enzyme responsible for starch digestion.
Vegetables and Cheese

You shouldn’t be consuming vegetables and cheese because it will only trigger bloating.
Banana and Milk

This combination should be also avoided because, besides the good taste, it slows down the digestion.
Fruit and Yogurt

This is a typical breakfast combination. However, it slows down your digestion and harms your intestinal flora.

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