A Man Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine, Here’s What He Consumed

Seven years ago, a young man was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes, meaning that he had to take many oils to treat his health issues on a daily basis. Instead of taking various drugs and oils, he decided to treat his conditions naturally. Therefore, he started consuming raw fruits and vegetables and eventually managed to reverse hypertension and diabetes. A Man Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine, Here’s What He Consumed
When this young man started feeling constantly thirsty he went to the doctor. The analyzes showed that his sugar levels were 29, meaning that his pancreas didn’t function anymore. Having no other option, he started taking the prescribed therapy and became physically active.

However, after a while, his condition worsened even more. Given the fact that he was taking a lot of medicines, his blood pressure reached 150/110 and his triglyceride levels elevated to 16.

After a while, he had had enough and decided to turn a new page and solve these health issues for good. Being encouraged by an interview in which Dr. John Zirdum claimed that consumed only raw foods for 12 years, the man decided to try the same approach.

Even though he found it difficult at first, he soon adjusted to the new regimen. The effects were more than amazing, as his blood sugar levels dropped to 5.

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