Can I Breastfeed With an Inverted Nipple?

Many women who undergo any type of breast related surgery whether it is an augmentation, reduction or even inverted nipple wonder if it is possible to breastfeed after undergoing the procedure. When it comes to the inverted nipple, it is important to remember that the babies breastfeed, they do not nipplefeed. Basically what this means is that regardless if the nipple is normal, flat or even inverted, the baby, if it can get a mouthful of the breasts, then it can feed. Unfortunately although this stands true, there are cases in which a breastfeeding child has a harder time especially when latching on to the nipple is proving difficult, but there is always several techniques available to help get your baby to breast feed regardless of your nipple type.

There is also the need to determine whether you in fact have an inverted nipple or just a flat one as this will help in the determination of the techniques you will need to use to get the baby to breastfeed. To make this determination, all you have to do is a simple pinch test in which you will gently pinch the areola at about an inch or so behind the nipple. If the nipple then does not stick out or become "erect" then you have a flat nipple. If the nipple goes into the breasts, then it is inverted.

The first technique which can be used as a means to help make sure your baby can breast feed from an inverted nipple is to use a breast shell. The breast shell may also be referred to as a breast cup or a milk cup. The way this works is the entire length of the pregnancy, if you use on they put gentle pressure on the nipple as a means of breaking the nipple loose from the adhesion that keeps it inverted. Eventually the nipples will be able to become erect and therefore easier for the baby to breastfeed.

This breast shell unfortunately may not always work in which case you can also try the Hoffman technique in which you will place your thumbs, one on each side of a nipple, apply pressure to the breasts with your hand while at the same time drawing your thumbs apart. This technique helps to stretch the nipple and the breasts to assist in making the nipple able to become more erect.

Finally you can always opt to use a breast pump which basically sucks the nipple outward. You may have to attempt this daily during the pregnancy as a means of drawing the nipple out and making it loose enough to become erect during stimulation.

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