Female Ejaculatory Discharge

Female ejaculatory discharge is fairly normal unless there is a severe discoloration or odor that follows the discharge. If this happens, she may want to visit the doctor and have an examination. The ejaculation can vary in appearance, texture and amount per discharge. This occurs after an extreme build up of pleasure through different methods. You can taste the discharge and it should not cause you harm, unless there happens to be a problem. The discharge is similar in fashion to a man’s ejaculation, except there is semen in the man’s.

The causes for a regular ejaculation for a woman happen with oral sex, regular penile sex or with foreplay. You can give a woman an orgasm with your mouth or tongue and most women love this method the best, your tongue provided the right amount of stimulation to the clitoris. Regular sex is the most common method for both partners to reach a climax. You can provide a constant stimulus to the vaginal walls and sometimes hit the clit with the tip of the penis. The rate of discharge and pressure built is based upon the days the woman has went without sex of any sort. The capabilities of her body to withstand the need to release some sexual tension in other words.

The whole concept of the female ejaculation may be unpleasant to some men, however some men find being able to get their girl to discharge fluid to be quite a turn on. When it comes to orgasms in general, a man has a significantly greater chance of being able to make a girl climax than with penile penetration. The reason for this is that the clitoris is not stimulated directly during normal intercourse. With cunnilingus or oral sex, a man is able to concentrate his efforts around the most sensitive pleasure point “the clitoris”.

Although the female orgasm may be something fickle. As men would love to give them, just as much as women would enjoy having them much of the time the efforts fall in between the cracks and nothing gets accomplished, so here are some methods that will help men get to the big-o without having to over think or over stress about the situation.

1) Don’t Make The Orgasm Your Goal

Take yourself off the clock. If you are obsessing about her having an orgasm and making that the number one priority she may feel self cautious about the time it is taking and fake orgasm. Tall her that she has all night. Studies show that it typically takes a woman between 15-40 minutes before achieving orgasm. Stay put and enjoy yourself because it might take some time to get to that destination-o.

2) Flatter Her When She Is Naked

Studies have shown that women who feel embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies are less sexually assertive and less likely to orgasm. You only have opportunity to gain when you tell her how great she looks naked, so do it!

3) Let her lead the way

Unlike men, even when women are just about ready to orgasm they can quickly be turned off by the wrong move. Although they enjoy variety in sex, at the point of orgasm stick to what is working. Better go with a winner than try something new last minute and throw off her whole vibe. Listen to her reactions and follow through with what she is showing interest in, and you will surely get her to the point of orgasm.

Be patient and empathetic with her. Don’t be over aggressive and keep in mind that her pleasure should be your number one priority. Avoid if you can busting a load too early and consequently cutting your session short. That shouldn’t be an excuse anyways, you have fingers and a tongue don’t you?

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