Getting Healthy and Glowing Skin for Men

Everybody wants to have clear, healthy glowing skin.

It is quite common that women take care of their skin like cleansing, toning, moisturising etc. So there are several beauty products available in the markets which are exclusively for women, like fairness cream. Generally men have a tough skin. As the nature of their skin is quite differ from women, so naturally women’s products will not make a very good effect on men. In collaboration with Activor Corp, USA, herbalists and dermatologists from India, Emami has created a unique fairness cream for men. Emami Fair and Handsome is not only helpful for making the skin fair, but it’s also helpful for relieving stress and fatigue signs.

According to a survey a growing number of Indian Men using this cream. So it’s the time for Men to get Fair and Handsome.

If you’re very serious about your skin and wants to stay young for long time, then you must protect your skin from sun. Sunburn is one of the main reasons for premature aging. Generally men do not use sunscreen on a regular basis hence left their skin for high risk factors like sun’s UV rays. The UV ray of sun is very dangerous for our skin. Along with cancer, cataracts may happen due to of it. Fair and Handsome has a revolutionary double power sunguard counter over exposer of male skin to sun and protect it from harmful UV rays.

And offcourse at the time of shaving. Shaving is the most typical start to a man’s day. A soothing cream after shaving is very much necessary. This product of Emami has anti-bacterial agents which actively protect skin from pollution and dark shadows caused by daily shave.

Source by Jacky Menon

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