How To Treat Fever Blisters – Discover The 3 Simple Treatments To Get Rid of Your Fever Blisters Now

Do you really know how to treat fever blisters effectively? If you are searching for the most efficient and proven natural treatments for your fever blisters then you have come to the right place. I know how it feels to have those ugly cold sores appearing on your mouth and lips. It really is an embarrassing and shocking situation for many of us. Keep reading further to uncover 3 simple home remedies to cure your cold sores as quickly as possible and without any side effects.

Fever blister is also known as cold sore and it is caused mainly because of a viral infection. The virus responsible for your condition is Herpes Simplex type 1. It is highly contagious in nature and that’s why you need to take utmost precaution when you suffer from this condition. You need to keep yourself clean all the time. Wash your hands carefully and keep the infected area clean with a disinfected cloth.

The following are 3 most simple yet effective treatments for your cold sores which you can try at the comfort of your home.

1) Drink natural sage tea: Yes, if you drink 3-4 cups of sage tea on a daily basis after you have the infection then you can quickly reduce your infection. The procedure to make this sage tea is simple. You will need few sage leaves and a little ginger powder to prepare this tea. Boil 1 cup of water and add few sage leaves into the boiling water. After this mix some ginger powder and then keep the tea for some time to make it cool. Drink it regularly to reduce your infection gradually.

2) Use cornstarch paste: Cornstarch paste is known to have natural healing properties which can eliminate your herpes simplex viral infection rapidly. You can simply take a small cornstarch in a bowl and add a little water to it. Then mix them to make a thick paste and apply this paste on your fever blisters on a regular basis. You will see your infection getting reduced day by day.

3) Aloe Vera is another effective natural remedy: Aloe Vera is said to have antiviral properties and it can fight off cold sore virus naturally. You can prepare Aloe Vera juice or you can also buy an Aloe Vera gel which is available in all the medical stores.

These 3 natural treatments are super simple and you can try them anywhere. Plus these natural remedies for fever blisters do not cause any types of harmful side effects. So I strongly recommend you to at least give them a try at your home and see the results for yourself.

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