What Are the Benefits of Yoga Stress Relief?

Stress had been considered a pandemic disorder which affects almost 24 million people in United States alone. Due to this alarming number, many had craved of methods, techniques and therapies which can be part of prevention and relief for stress.

The introduction of stress relievers such as aromatherapy, breathing, guided imagery had been widely acknowledged and has been a major part of most stress management practices. But before these therapies where offered one proven therapy which had already existed and been practiced to relief many illnesses and disorder is yoga.

Yoga is believed to be part of meditation practice of people from India which was practiced 5000 years ago. Literally when we say yoga it means union, which is believed to give oneness to the body mind and spirit. Yoga had been a practice mainly for self development, as it is mainly meditation yoga has undoubtedly provided relief to many illnesses and disorder and one of this is stress. Practicing yoga to address stress gives many benefits to us, such as, stability of mental thinking, improves the circulation of the blood, and enable us to sleep sound and peacefully.

During yoga practice we are able to gain calmness for our mind, which eradicates all stress, thought that we are having. From this we achieve the stability of our mind, which enables us to think proper, and orderly which result to decisions which doesn’t generate any stress.

Breathing is one of the major aspects pf yoga; it has been known that through breathing we can attain proper blood circulation. When our blood circulates properly its one the greatest defense against stress, which is because we can’t be easily triggered to get stress despite being on the verge of a very stressful situation.

One of the known causes of stress is lack of sleep. Example if an employee did have a enough sleep he or she will have the possibility of not producing quality output at work, which can be noticed by the boss or company management and gets reprimanded and ends to getting stress. With the practice of Yoga it is believed to provide relaxation and eradicate unnecessary thought which occur before getting asleep. For people whose mind is not bothered when at bed, he can have a continuous and sound sleep making him stress free the following day.

What is wonderful with the practice of Yoga is that you are not just developing spiritual aspect of your life, but gaining some protection against disorders such as stress.

Source by Eddy Kong

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